November Is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and November 16 is the World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Barcelona, November 16 2017 - At Sagetis we are proud to announce that we are developing SAG-101, an oncolytic adenovirus using the company’s polymeric coating technology.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 53,000 new cases of pancreatic cancer will be diagnosed by the end of 2017. Even with the best treatments currently available, 43,000 people will die from the disease. About 71 percent of pancreatic cancer patients die within one year after they are diagnosed, and the life expectancy of those with pancreatic cancer is a few years at best. The mortality rate is 91%.

These statistics make pancreatic cancer one of the deadliest forms of cancer. It’s not just cancer, it’s an emergency. New end effective treatments for the disease must be developed. Pancreatic cancer patients and their families deserve better. In fact, they demand better. They demand a new approach.

SAG-101 is a polymeric-coated, genetically-modified oncolytic adenovirus, that has shown promising results in animal models of pancreatic cancer and is ready for regulatory preclinical development. The product has recently been awarded Orphan Designation status by the EMA. This will allow a faster development towards the Market Authorization.

Oncolytic virotherapy has emerged as a promising therapy thanks to its selectivity at killing cancer cells as well as its enhanced efficacy driven by a secondary response by the immune system. However, virotherapy suffers from serious limitations that prevent its use in systemic administration: On the one hand, oncolytic viruses are rapidly cleared by the immune system and the liver. On the other, tumors have evolved to avoid the immune system detection. Sagetis’ technology is designed to tackle these limitations and is thrilled to apply it in its lead program SAG-101 for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

At Sagetis, we are committed to fight against one of the world’s toughest cancers and bring hope to pancreatic cancer patients.

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