Sagetis to attend CLINAM 2015

Barcelona, June 2015 – Sagetis Biotech, S.L. announces today that Dr. Salvador Borrós, Sagetis' CSO, will be attending the 8th European Summit for Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine, which will take place in Basel this year.

In addition to attending the scientific program, Dr. Borrós will participate in a Keynote Session titled "Peptide‐functionalized Nanoparticles as Dual Targeting Drug Delivery System for Brain Tumors Therapy" and will be glad to speak with other participants to explore potential scientific and business collaborations.


The European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine is a non-profit institution aiming at advancing medicine to the benefit of individuals and society through the application of nanoscience. Aiming at prevention, diagnosis, and therapy through nanomedicine as well as at exploration of its implications, the Foundation reaches its goals through support of clinically focused research and of interaction and information flow between clinicians, researchers, the public, and other stakeholders.

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