Sagetis leads GLIODELIVERY project

Barcelona – December 2014 – Sagetis is pleased to announce that MINECO has granted funding to the GLIODELIVERY project (RTC-2014-2077-1) – New treatment against glioblastoma multiforme based on non-invasive gene therapy.

The consortium led by Sagetis also involves research groups from IQS (GEMAT) and CSIC (Instituto de Química Avanzada de Cataluña). The consortium will receive 561K€ funding from the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (MINECO), programa RETOS DE COLABORACIÓN, 2014.

The main goal of GLIODELIVERY consortium is to develop a new, non-invasive treatment against glioblastoma multiforme based on a combination of several drugs with different mechanisms of action and their administration using functionalized nanoparticles that are capable of crossing the blood brain barrier (BBB).

One of the most important limitations in gene therapy strategies applied to cancer is the difficulty in achieving sufficient gene expression in enough cells inside the tumor. In the particular case of brain tumors, this is even more difficult due to the blood brain barrier (BBB). In this project, the consortium plans to overcome these difficulties by using Sagetis’ proprietary NanoBBB platform together with CSIC’s know-how in brain cancer and GEMAT’s expertise in polymers and drug delivery.

About Sagetis Biotech

At Sagetis Biotech we are devoted to developing innovative drug delivery technologies to tackle challenging unmet medical needs. Based in Barcelona, Sagetis Biotech was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from GEMAT (Materials Engineering Group) at IQS.

The company's versatile, polymeric-based platforms are designed to tackle highly challenging areas, such as (i) delivery through difficult-to-cross barriers(e.g. blood-brain barrier, intestinal mucus gel layer, ocular); (ii) efficient transfection of genetic material, using both viral and non-viral vectors.


The Grup d’Enginyeria de Materials was founded in the year 1994 by Dr. Salvador Borrós, a current Full Professor in Material Science, with the objective of giving research service to the teaching community on this subject. From the beginning, the Group’s efforts were driven to the field of polymeric materials, specially elastomers, conductive polymers and surface treatment.

By this time, the main research fields have been established: conductive polymers, rubber, ceramic materials and surface modification. In 2003, the Group organizes in Barcelona the 1st Workshop in Bioengineering. In the year 2004, the 2nd Workshop takes place, now with the support of the IQS; the 3rd and 4th events were to follow. The IQS has been, through the Group, the founder of the European Technological Platform in Nanomedicine


The Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC) has been created for doing research of excellence focused on basic chemical sciences, but also addressed to solve specific problems of our society by using tools from the chemistry-biology interface, theoretical chemistry, chemical and biomolecular nanotechnology and sustainable chemistry. In particular, the identification of niches where our expertise can make important contributions will be systematically pursued.

Although its creation was in 2007, the research groups incorporated into IQAC have a recognized international prestige in their research fields. Among others, it should be highlighted the design, synthesis and evaluation of molecules of therapeutic, pharmacological or biological interest, the chemistry and applications of surfactants, the study of hormones and enzymatic transformations in insects, the development of environmentally friendly technologies, the treatment of industrial waste, the research in peptides and proteins, the theoretical study in electronic structure, or the application of nanotechnological approaches to the understanding of nanoscale systems and the development of novel nanomaterials and nanodevices, such as bioanalytical tools based on the combination of tailored bioreceptors, new nucleic acid derivatives and well-defined nanostructures and advanced materials.

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